There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in

Updated: May 21

Beloveds, from the very beginning, you were not broken. You were not born into sin. You were not destined for the sidelines. There was never anything fundamentally missing from your life.

You just thought that there was. Others tried to convince you that you were not good enough, because they too felt not good enough. In your innocence and with no evidence to the contrary, you believed them.

So you spent all those years trying to fix, purify and perfect yourself. You sought power, wealth, knowledge and even spiritual enlightenment to prove your worth. You played a Build-A-Better-Me game, comparing yourself to others.

So you tried to live up to some image that you didn’t even fully believe in anyway, and you longed for the deep rest of yourself…

Your imperfections, your quirks, your seeming flaws, your weirdness, your unique and irreplaceable flavors, were what made you so lovable, so human, so real, so relatable.

Even in your glorious imperfections, you were always a perfect expression of Life, a beloved child of the universe, a complete work of art, unique in all the world and deserving of all the riches of life.

It was never about being a perfect “me.” It was always about being perfectly imperfect, perfectly Here, perfectly yourself, in all your divine strangeness.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

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