The Biggest Trap

Beautiful Ones,

Happy new beginnings! We are just short of 3 months from the end of this year and what a year it has been… what dreams have come true for you? Compared to last year, where are you now? Are you happier? More hopeful?

This week I would like to touch on a subject we all face: the fear of failure and how it is the biggest trap and the greatest gift in your life.

Most of my past life I had a tremendous fear of failure, a fear of inadequacy – not being good enough. I started so many things that never came to fruition because of that fear. The fear of what others might say or think, the fear to enter that cave and go forward despite outer circumstances. What if? Expecting the worst instead of the best. Until I discovered the gift!

Have you ever hesitated to do what you love? Everyone I know has– the cause is fear. Fear of failure or criticism. And we all deal with it in different ways. So today, I want to tackle it and gift you with a three-step process to overstep this fear and shift your perception on it.

First off, you can develop a relationship with fear. That was my biggest revelation – not in the sense of hiding from it or avoiding it but facing it boldly and with a sense of receiving the pearl of wisdom when you do it. Now you might wonder how to do this?

Self-discovery is such a fascinating process. You discover your Self – all of it. The fears and the courage, the curiosity and the strengths. And there is the gift!

Courage and confidence are the foundation for your quantum leap in life. When you can accept the discomfort of the fears that pop up, accept them and respect that you have them (just like everyone else), your whole life will change.

Second, you will fail more than you will succeed. A good football player is paid millions to fail 70% and win often less than 30%. And it is the same for us. All we have to do is change your relationship to the fear and step into it.

Once you accept the uneasy feeling, fear is no longer a problem, but a stepping stone. We need to learn to ease into the discomfort and let the twinge of fear come and go. Simply allowing the fear to push us further and help us grow. Embrace it and welcome it as a learning.

Third, let your purpose drive you. The only way to truly develop our strength is by stepping into the fear and seeking the gift. But in order to do that, you have to let your purpose in life drive you. What is it that you truly want? Your purpose must be bigger than the fear - otherwise you will stay paralyzed your whole life. So, ask yourself: what is your purpose? What is your legacy when you leave this planet? What mark would you like to leave at the end of your days?

You don’t have to be flawless. Nobody is. But when you lean into fear, you gain more and more confidence. And, the more you develop your confidence, the easier decision-making becomes, the stronger you get, and you attract more and more success.

So, here are three tips for your unfailing quantum leap that I learned from Price Pritchett:

  1. Start immediately

  2. Do it passionately

  3. No exceptions

Discover your superpower and step into it. There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than to see you rise and shine!

With Love,


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