As I have been watching the news - or glimpsing over all the flood of messages and news - I felt myself being faced with making a choice that could be best described as untying a knot in the stomach.

Judgment or compassion? Silence or engagement? What is the appropriate response to everything going on? And then I touched on it: how dare we be happy and have a good day when the world seems to go through birthing pain that feels excruciating?

I worked for a decade with Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the one thing she repeatedly told me is that humanity would undergo this kind of birthing pain in order to emerge as a new humanity - kinder, more clarity, more compassion and healthier as a whole.

Coming from Europe I know how riots and protests feel - I lived through it in Paris several times, the riots lasted months and destroyed hundreds of businesses, cars, streets and more. It was a sort of revolution, another birthing process.

What emerged from it was more equality, a deeper understanding for one another and less discrepancy. And I feel strongly this is what is happening right now with everything.

People are waking up. Waking up to the Truth that is uncomfortable. Waking up to a long road that was leading to nowhere, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer as it seemed.

People are waking up and we have to face that things are going to change radically. This is just the beginning of a collective awakening and when I realized that it did not make me uncomfortable as most people around me, I also realized that my mind training has been building a mental strength that does not come from a lack of compassion but rather from a deeper objective understanding that this inequality has to go - and the price to pay is in direct proportion to the ignorance people have been in, and they are waking up.

This is not new, this is an invitation from all of life for us to finally wake up to who we truly are: powerful creators that have forgotten that we are here to create and manifest equality for ALL - no matter the color of our skin, religion or gender.

There is only one of us here - it is called humanity. And waking up is a lot like growing pain - it hurts! It has not been the first time and it won't be the last.

But this time is different - we are offered to wake up consciously instead of violently. And many are still in an old paradigm of violence which has been prevalent for thousands of years.

It is time for a change. And the first change is a change in attitude. Time to be the beacon of light, the way-showers and leaders we have been trained for decades to be - why meditate, do all our spiritual work, affirm we are peacemakers when we cannot show up as the light we always claim to be?

Not engaging does not mean not caring - it simply means standing objectively in the light of truth that change is coming. Whether we want it or not.

Our superpower is our mental strength these days, our mindset and we can choose every moment of the day where we want it to be and how we want to show up. It can be anything but easy - yet it will prevent us from drowning with the crowd. Every leader has always stood out in times of crisis and this is the time.

We have a choice right now! We can focus on what we WANT to see. Riots or birthing pain. Casualties or the price for freedom and equality.

Chaos precedes transformation.

Mental strength makes us be the leaders the world needs right now. Strong. Loving. Compassionate.

Together We Rise. Into true LOVE. ❤️✨❤️

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