Illumi•naissance (N):

Illuminating and Birthing Our Essence


It is truly an honor to share my story & the

power of illuminaissance with you.

Hello beautiful ones, 

   My name is Priya Beate and I am here to invite you to enter the path to your unique greatness. This is your time for the quantum leap. You did not come here by accident but on purpose, guided by your calling to step into the Mastery that is birthing itself through you.

   Like me and many others, you have probably tried many ways to earn money the hard way in order to realize your dreams. The good news is, there is another way. You can realize your dreams by realizing your powerful Self with ease and grace.

   This is my personal invitation for you to be part of a greater movement that is happening right now, everywhere on the planet. This is the time of awakening of each individual, of companies and organizations ready for the quantum leap at this exact moment in time. We have been waiting for you. You are ready - let me show you the way!

   May the birthing of your essence serve the highest good of all and inspire thousands to do, be and live authentically the life we always were intended to live. Illuminaissance is a promise fulfilled to the spirit within all of us.

My life is a commitment to our combined greatness!
With Love and Infinite Gratitude
Priya Beate Laasch


What is Illuminaissance?

Illumi: to envelope all things in light


Naissancea birth or growth; of a person,  an idea, or a movement." 


     I know you might be wondering - what is "lluminaissance," exactly? Well, it is a word that came to me through divine spirit in my darkest hour. It is the combination of two words: "Illumi" which means "to envelope all things in light," and "naissance" which means "a birth, an origination, or a growth; as that of a person, an organization, an idea, or a movement." It has been the accumulation of my life's work and learnings to bring Illuminaissance into the world.


     My business is a is the result of my passionate desire for service and my vision for a bright future, the accumulation of the knowledge, experiences and lessons learned by the greatest minds and turned into wisdom through practical application. The revelation to this method is now at our fingertips...

     You did not come here by accident but on purpose, guided by your calling to step into the Mastery that is birthing itself through you.

My Mission: be in service to our Greatness.

My vision is to support you on your journey to unlocking your full potential and show you how to realize your inherent greatness & your dreams with ease and flow.


I am creating a community of master manifestors who will raise the vibration of our planet and elevate the collective consciousness for everyone to achieve their full potential.




The time is NOW!

My Greatest Inspiration:

Being a Mom.

I dedicate my Work to my daughter. 

She is my brightest light, my inspiration. 

Her love, peace and infinite joy are illuminating my life and are a constant invitation to grow into more authenticity, love and greatness.


A few of my

Teachers and Mentors:

A great mentor is the catalyst of success.


Bob Proctor

My beautiful mentor who is guiding me daily into more and deeper understanding of the true powers that lie within me. Bob inspires me beyond words and his love, his laser sharp guidance and connection to spirit, which he shares with every single being that comes in contact with him, has been a major transformation on my path.

Sai Maa 

She was my first spiritual mentor, she took me from Paris to India where I traveled with her for a year and beyond this, she brought me to America. Her devotion to her own guru taught me love and devotion for serving another human being, and my love for her is always present with every step that I take.

Guru Nathan

This beloved spiritual teacher initiated me into the tantric path in India and gave me the name Saraswati Amba (the fearless goddess of wisdom) before his passing. He not only saw the light in me, he encouraged me with his enlightened joy and laughter to be fearless, and he predicted my future in ways that I only now come to understand. His spirit is always watching over me.

Mother Meera

The deep connection between Mother Meera and myself has been present for over 20 years now and although I only met her in person once, her impact on me has been very deep. Her eyes see everyone’s soul and her vision is impeccable – she transmits both with a love that surpasses understanding

The Mother

While living in India I visited Auroville and had a deep spiritual experience in the presence of The Mother, who passed long before I ever set foot on the city she built with Sri Aurobindo. Her influence and writings have inspired me beyond words and her vision for a new humanity has been deeply engrained in me ever since then.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

My dearly Beloved guide and mentor for over 10 years who left me a legacy of her vision. When working with Barbara closely for years, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution was my home. Her vision and the spiral of evolution is within me forever and she predicted much of what my work on this planet was to be. She is always with me in spirit since her passing.


This amazing Croatian healer has been one of the major influences in the past 5 years since I participated in bringing him to Colorado and organizing his events with a magnificent team. His pure energy is bringing true healing to the world and a knowing that anything is possible when we work with spirit.

Guru Nathan

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Helgard Kastner


Commitment to our global community:

The Unstoppable Foundation

When you partner with Illuminaissance, a part of your financial contribution  goes to support the Unstoppable Foundation, which is an education non-profit bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, creating a safer and more just world for everyone. 

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